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9-12 sep | Grote Kerk
______Connected Garments 2009

Ontwerpster Marina Toeters gebruikt nieuwe technologie om bijzondere kleding te maken. Connected Garments is een project waarbij micro elektronica in kleding straks de rol kan overnemen van je laptop en PDA, en waarmee je direct met anderen communiceert.

Designer Marina Toeters explores the gap between fashion and technology.

Connected Garments 1.2

An experimental project exploring possible ubicom predictions: computers as independent items will disappear and will be sewed in clothing (and other objects surrounding us). These microcomputers will relieve the humans of among others social task of keeping in contact and tagging the space around us to build up our identity.

This presentation of connected garments consist of two sets of clothing, which can be spaced apart.

Set One: a shirt and a coat.

Set Two: a shirt and a vest.

The vest and the coat designed by Marina Toeters show a unit from which soft buttons and display objects are made. These element are reflected in the global shapes of the coat and the vest.

The shirts are ready-mades by bram van Waardenberg and adapted electronically to the function of projecting media in space. These shirts are worn under the coat and the vest but project there effects more to the outside than the coat and the vest which perform an individual connected and intimate act between themselves.

The two sets are connected through a simple on/off transmission technique of a hacked wireless doorbell. Sound is used as a media surrounding the clothing and party lines are sent around making a cloud of text in space visually using Morse code, and in radio frequency using a RF transceiver.

The coat and the vest show a text on a LED block which is displayed when there is a transmission between the coats.

Normally these transmissions are caused by the people wearing the coats, touching the soft buttons but if they forget, the electronics will sent the text independently.

The shirt under the coat has an open electronic piece which makes sounds of itself, but it makes noise also when the conductive wires sewed on the t shirt are touched by hand. The noises and sounds are continuously changed. The sound scape accompanies the people wearing the set.

The shirt under the vest has an EL necktie, which goes on and off sending visual Morse code. The texts sent are short party lines. This neck tie also sends the code in RFM at a frequency of 433 Mhz.

This RF is of course more sophisticated then the simple doorbell which can only send a on/off. The garments are in a cloud of text.

Marina Toeters ( www.by-wire.net ) and Bram van Waardenberg (www.contrechoc.com) work together exploring intelligent clothing. (Normally the clothing functions with batteries, but for the sake of a static presentation we have chosen for a power supply from the mains.)

+316 5583 0311

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