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GOGBOT 2010, Wanna Shock your Senses?

More than 250 artists, performers, musicians and other creative spirits will show their talents at 10 locations of the free entrance expo's.  Four days you can be part of this art music and technology spectacle. Interactive installations, insect-robot-build-workshops, electric fish, bio-installations, nano-technology, film, Japanese bacteria machines, artificial intelligences, cyborgs, magnetic fields, Beauty Parlour of the Future, Revenge of the Killer-iPhone, The bad days of Britney-Spears and of course an extended music program!

The Singularity is Near - Resistance is Futile

GOGBOT 2010 deals with the controversial concept of the Technological Singularity, about the exponential growth of technology today leading to an explosion of Artificial Intelligence within a few decades, declaring man to become the pet of computers, where in the end AI will be ruling the universe....


Ray Kurzweil about Technological Singularity in his film Transcendent Man

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